Medical Devices: 

Manufacturing Technology, Facilities Engineering, Regulatory Clearances

Generate rapid results; manufacturing cost savings 

  • Medtech/medical device manufacturing business planning from concept through facility commissioning and FDA Clearance 

  • Top-to-bottom Medtech manufacturing business expertise​


  • Excel financial modeling, facility planning, startup funding assistance, startup business plan experts

  • Rapid troubleshooting, cost-savings, manufacturing process optimization

  • Medtech, MEMS and precision molding and metallurgical expertise 



World class experts in numerous high-level precision manufacturing technologies, product engineering and development, process engineering, process validation and facility design, engineering, staffing and commissioning. Experts in precision micro and nano fabrication technologies including micro molding, electroforming, etching, iand engineering, automated process equipment systems.




Adapt plans, equipment lists, manufacturing Quality Management System (QMS) software to your device development project; manage the manufacturing details of your medical device development. Tested start-up business experts in facility design, plant engineering, staffing, training, and commissioning. business planning, product engineering, process validation and optimization; precise financial modeling, ROI and profitability analysis and assistance with raising project capital funding. 




Successfully planned, designed, engineered and established dozens of high technology (ISO) manufacturing facilities in the USA and abroad. Established complete Class 1 and Class 2 medical device reprocessing facilities in the USA and South Africa. Developed and commissioned numerous high tech electroforming, MEMS and  micro molding facilities worldwide.